Meet Our Staff

    Dudley and Evelyn Krause, Owners
First Financial Bank in Winnebago

The First Financial Bank in Winnebago has been in the Krause family since 1946 when Ray L. Krause, Dudley's father, bought stock in the bank. Dudley joined the bank in 1951 and has been president since 1966. The First Financial Bank in Winnebago has been completely family owned since 1997.
    Bill Erickson

Oversees all aspects of bank and specializes agricultural and business loans.


Joanne Hoffman
Vice President / Cashier

Specializes IRAs, bank operations and regulatory compliance.
  Doug Hill
Vice President
Ag Loan Officer

Specializes in agricultural and farm real estate loans.
    Dana Gates
Consumer Lender

Specializes in consumer loans including auto, home, & personal.
  Denise Grant
Loan Administrator

Specializes in the processing of agricultural, real estate and consumer loans, including autos, home and personal
  Diane Bell
Operations Associate / Teller

Specializes in bookkeeping inquiries relating to checking & savings accounts and drive-up customer service.

Kathy Dressen
Head Teller

Specializes in kid's accounts, advertising & marketing, and ShazamChek debit cards.


Vickie Wiederhoeft

Specializes in certificate of deposits and safety deposit boxes.


Maggie Hassing
Bank Club Director/ Operations Associate & Teller

Specializes in Customer Service.


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