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Attention SHAZAM Debit Cardholders:

SecureCode is a service that helps protect MasterCard card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between you and your financial institution.  Once you activate the service, your card cannot be used at a participating Internet merchant without authentication.  There are two ways in which you may enroll in MasterCard Secure Code:  1) During checkout at a participating online merchant; or 2) Using the URL,
and follow the prompts to activate and create your SecureCode.

If you are not currently enrolled, we strongly recommend you enroll now.  SecureCode uses 3D Secure technology that helps protect your card against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between you and the Bank.  Once you activate the service, your card cannot be used at a participating Internet merchant without authentication by an authorized user of the account.

Other Fraud Protection Services Available

First Financial Bank uses Falcon Fraud Manager (fraud prevention software) to help identify and reduce fraud risk by detecting potentially fraudulent PIN-based and signature-based debit transactions.  It has a proven reputation of helping minimize payment card fraud losses.  If any suspicious activity is detected on your account, a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist will call you, identifying themselves as a SHAZAM representative calling on behalf of our financial institution.  If they are unable to reach you, they will leave a message with our contact information.  SHAZAM will ask you to verify your address.  Once your address has been verified, they will then ask you to confirm your purchase activity.  SHAZAM will never pressure you to verify your address, and if you prefer not to, they will ask you to contact your financial institution immediately.  They will also notify us via e-mail.  SHAZAM will never ask for your personal information, such as the last four digits of your social security number, security codes, etc., only for verification of your address.

SHAZAM BOLT$ is an app that allows you to access balance information anytime, anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or the Internet.  SHAZAM BOLT$ is a FREE service that allows you to add another layer of protection against fraud.  With SHAZAM BOLT$ you immediately receive alerts to potentially fraudulent activity, including:

     A debit purchase for more than an amount you specify
     Any card-not-present debit transaction (telephone orders, internet orders, mail orders, etc.)
     Any suspicious or high-risk transaction that occurs on your account

MasterCard® SecureCode™

SecureCode is a service that helps protect MasterCard card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between an individual cardholder and his or her financial institution.  First Financial Bank in Winnebago, is providing this service to you to improve the security of payment transactions in the electronic commerce environment.  Once you activate SecureCode, your card cannot be used at participating Internet merchant without authentication by an authorized user of your account.


You will find SecureCode easy to use.  When you enroll in SecureCode and then use your MasterCard card for an Internet purchase at a participating merchant, a window displays requesting your password in much the same way you enter a PIN during a face-to-face transaction.  After you enter your password, the information is authenticated and then the transaction is submitted to your financial institution for authorization.

UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMBLING NOTICE:  Restricted transactions as defined in Federal Reserve Regulation GG are prohitibited from being processed through this account or relationship.  Restricted transactions generally include, but are not limited to, those in which credit, electronic fund transfers, checks, or drafts are knowingly accepted by gambling businesses in connection with the participation by others in unlawful internet gambling.


Deposit Services

  • Checking Accounts
    • Simple Checking
    • Value Checking
    • Now Checking
    • Super Now Checking
    • Senior Value Checking
    • Health Savings

  • Savings Accounts
    • Passbook Savings
    • Money Market Savings
    • Fun & Fortune Family
    • Teen Savers Club
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Individual Retirement
  • Traditional and Roth


Loan Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit
  • Home Mortgages
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Commercial and Business Loans

Additional Services

  • Shazam Chek ATM Card (protected by MasterCard® SecureCode™)
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Night Depository
  • Cash Advance (Credit Card)


In according with the requirements of the Unlawful Gambling
Enforcement Act of 2006 and Regulation CG, this notifi-
cation is to inform you that restricted transactions are prohibited
from being processed through your account or relationship with
our institution.  Restricted transactions are transactions in
which a person accepts credit, funds, instruments or other
proceeds from another person in connection with unlawful
Internet gambling.